Tasty eats day or night

Stacey Roberts

BRINNER (breakfast for dinner) has become extremely popular recently and a well-loved Castle Hill cafe is leading the charge.

Youeni on Old Northern Rd now serves food until 8.30pm Thursdays to Saturdays. Offering the same menu – and prices – at night means Youeni’s loyal customers can enjoy wholesome food for dinner.

“We’ve had a lot of demand from our customers because they want to eat healthy food at night,” owner Chris Starke said.

Youeni’s coffee, famous cakes and retail products are also available at night.

It is everything you love about Youeni, with more time to enjoy it.

Order the berry buckwheat and sorghum pancakes or the toasted museli for the perfect brinner.

Heartier dinner options include the popular Life-Extending Bowl, or the baked lamb with smoked tomato sauce, turmeric chickpeas, fetta, egg, pepitas, almonds and roast garlic.

Along with Youeni’s healthy, nourishing food and well-renowned speciality coffee, the cafe also serves a range of teas, juices, smoothies, hot chocolates and wine.