THE meeting at St John’s Church on Sunday, July 2, between the Rev Tony Galea, three of his wardens and interested Camden residents reached no satisfactory conclusions.

As concerned Camden folk, we hope the wardens understand the passion which exists for the whole St John’s precinct.

St John’s youth minister stated there is a need for an area for very young children (crying room in modern lingo), an area for teenagers who feel daunted at entering the St John’s Church (really!) and the third for traditional worshipers. The existing hall could be used for these purposes via live streaming, this could be set up in weeks not years. With growth predictions for Camden township itself at a low 0.42 per cent, St John’s would be taking an enormous risk spending $6million on a new hall. New Census figures show a huge decline in church attendance. I know Mr Galea and his wardens have good intentions and beliefs driving them to push ahead with their ideas. The church proposal doesn’t make sense to me.

Helen Cowell, Camden