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More questions on issue dividing Camden

THANK you to Daniel McGookin for his article (“Sale of land moves closer”, Chronicle, September 18). I am disappointed, however, he did not mention that the $7.7million figure is for three properties.

As well as the horse paddock there is a home in Alpha Rd and the Church Rectory — a beautiful, historical rectory on a larger-thanusual block of land in a magnificent position opposite Macarthur Park.

I would be interested to know the value of each of these additional properties. I believe the home in Alpha Rd would be worth little short of $1 million as land value, and the rectory — who knows? Yes, it needs a little TLC but these gorgeous properties in such prime positions rarely come on to the market and are highly valued. My point is that the “horse paddock — grass slope” is being sold cheaply.

My other concern about this saga is that neighbours, people who resided in Menangle Rd and Alpha Rd, are being kept in the dark completely. They need to be told where the entrance to the proposed aged-care facility would be.

Re the number of residents who would occupy the facility, your numbers in the paper are different to other numbers previously published. This is important, as both these roads already have traffic problems at times of the day.

I feel this subject is a dog’s breakfast, and it would be just wonderful if your newspaper could obtain answers to residents’ questions. The issue is dividing the community of Camden.

Helen Cowell, Camden

Council could act

CAMDEN Council is in a financial position to save St John’s Green from development and still provide the church community with $7.7 million for special enterprises.

How? Council can sell the numerous parcels of unused land it has acquired in developments and fund the purchase of St John’s Green to remain an open space in perpetuity.

The sale could be staged over several years as council lots are brought onto the market.

An audit and valuation of disposable council properties would surprise heritage-minded ratepayers.

Greg Frawley, Gregory Hills

National park changes to suit developers

WHO are the NSW and Federal governments working for?

Our state and country is being trashed by decisions that do not put Australia and NSW first but developers before everything and everyone.

Here we go again with NSW tabling legislation that would flood/ trash the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park so developers can stuff another 134,000 people on western Sydney floodplains.

What is the cost to you? › 65km of wilderness streams lost; › 48 threatened species drowned; › Approximately $1 billion of your taxes to raise the Warragamba Dam wall to benefit developers.

Cita Murphy, Thirlmere

Source of congestion

COMMON sense would have said do this road first before opening up Gregory Hills Drive (“Spring Farm’s noise nightmare”, Chronicle, September 25). Badgally Rd gets more congested now because everyone’s not going on Narellan Rd. Go back to Narellan Rd.

Kaysie Davies, via Facebook

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