Students engineer a bridge-building win


The Redlands students with their award-winning bridge design.

A REDLANDS team of budding engineers built their way to the top of NSW in the 2017 Aurecon Bridge Building Competition this month.

Year 7 students Theo Mirrlees-Black and Tamis Hunter and Year 8 students Jacob Gold and Harry Winton won a new competition category, the Digital Award.

The prestigious tournament promotes important skills in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and maths) in a fun and accessible way for students.

The Redlands team’s bridge weighed only 212 grams but was able to carry an impressive load of 37 kilograms.

Redlands principal Peter Lennox said the school was very proud of the students.

“The team not only demonstrated significant skills in engineering, but also innovative thinking and a clear understanding of the way new technology and engineering can be merged,” Dr Lennox said.