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Joan’s clue is in crossword



Joan McKimm celebrates with Reika Roberts, North Sydney federal MP Trent Zimmerman and Harry and James Roberts

WHEN she turned 87, Joan McKimm told her granddaughter she just wanted to see her twin great grandsons turn two.

Thirteen years later, the now 15 year olds Harry and James were both at Joan’s Hunters Hill Village retirement home on Friday to celebrate her 100th birthday.

They were there to see Joan receive her letter from the Queen along with their mother (Joan’s granddaughter) Reika, as well as Hunters Hill Mayor Richard Quinn and liberal Federal Member for North Sydney Trent Zimmerman.

Joan is a twin herself; her brother Arthur was one of 10 siblings who all endured two world wars and the Great Depression.

She remembers the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, construction of the Opera House and has witnessed no less than 23 Prime Ministers hold office.

Joan has lived a very active life with a significant portion of her 100 years dedicated to lawn bowls and golf, even managing to maintain a daily walk well into her 90s.

As well as outliving her siblings, Joan also lived longer than her two children, Margaret and Colin.

And the secret to her long life? An orange and a crossword a day.

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