Centre teaches love of learning

Method in a class of its own


Luciana Star, 3, with her teacher Taryn Magua. Picture: David Swift

ENROLMENTS at Shichida Early Learning Centre, which has centres across Australia, have doubled in the past two years.

The Parramatta CBD centre opened in 2016 and is already at capacity with 180 children and a long waiting list.

Shichida, a Japanese early learning method, teaches numeracy and literacy to children as young as six months.

Founder Shiaoling Lim said parents wanted to do more than just read to their child.

“They want to know how to teach them to learn — like the phrase ‘don’t feed them fish, teach your child to fish’,” she said.

“Early learning and stimulation should start from six months of age.

“Studies show brain development for a child is at its most crucial stage up until six years, with 80 per cent of the brain developed by the age of three.”

The unique approach to early childhood education uses a whole brain development method, which combines findings of brain research with education — using playful exercises like memory boxes, alphabet charts, songs and games.

Ms Lim described the Shichida classes, which children attend with a parent for one hour a week, as “like a personal trainer” which taught parents skills and exercises to continue at home.

“It’s not about creating genii, it’s about getting children to love learning. If they do, they will do well in school and into the future.”

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