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Connecting the cultural dots

Mural for modern meeting place


Artist Zach Bennett-Brook, Jonathan Pizanis, India Robertson, Maria Cooney-Frazis, Megan Waring with Charlize Ly and Wiebke Maticka with Alex Kouts check out the mural. Picture: John Appleyard

A drab car park has been transformed into a culturally significant work of art, thanks to Zachary Bennett-Brook.

The indigenous artist was commissioned to create a very special welcome mural for families at Greengables Childrens Day Nursery in Kingsford.

Bennett-Brook said the circular design represented the significance of a meeting place. “Traditionally a meeting place was somewhere that people would come together and sit in a circle to share knowledge and stories,” he said. “Today we have a range of modern-day meeting places such as day care centres, schools, universities, community groups and sporting teams just to name a few, that allow people to come together.

“These groups are all interconnected in the artwork symbolising how society is made up of lots of different little pieces and how working together in harmony makes a positive big picture.”

The nursery’s director, Maria Cooney-Frazis, said “coming together” was what the nursery was all about. “Family and culture are really important and now you can see that the moment you get here. It’s visually beautiful and it’s meaning is beautiful.”

Ms Cooney-Frazis credited her colleague Wiebke Maticka for fostering a strong connection with many cultures at the centre.

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